POF shrink film – Heat shrink wrap – 15my – Width 200-550mm

Thermoshrink film, thickness 15 my,

POF shrink film – Heat shrink wrap – 15my – Width 200-550mm


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POF shrink film – Heat shrink wrap – 15my – Width 200-550mm

POF (Polyolefin) shrink film: the versatile packaging solution for quality and compliance

POF shrink film, also known as polyolefin shrink film, is the leading choice in the packaging industry, especially for consumer goods, cosmetics, and exports to countries with strict health regulations. This versatile plastic film is designed to ensure product safety in addition to aesthetic appeal while adhering to the highest quality and compliance standards.


Key features of POF shrink film:

Clarity and gloss of heat shrink wrap:

POF boasts exceptional clarity and gloss, allowing a clear view of the packaged product. This feature is particularly useful when wrapping products such as cosmetic boxes, food containers, books and CD covers, as it enhances the overall presentation.

Non-toxic and odorless:

Recognizing the importance of consumer safety, POF Shrink Film is designed to be non-toxic and odorless. This makes it an ideal choice for products that are in direct contact with consumers, as it ensures that the packaging material does not introduce harmful substances.

Soft, sticky texture of POF shrink film:

The film has a soft and adhesive texture that ensures a secure and tight seal. Its elasticity ensures reliability even in colder environments, making it suitable for a wide range of climates and storage conditions.

POF shrink film is Recyclable:

POF is environmentally responsible as it is fully recyclable. This is not only in line with sustainability objectives, but also contributes to cost efficiency, making it an attractive choice for companies looking for environmentally friendly packaging solutions.


Physical Characteristics of heat shrink wrap:

Heat shrink wrap is Thin and flexible:

The film is thin, so it is flexible without compromising on strength. This characteristic makes it adaptable to a wide range of products while maintaining its durability during handling and transport.

High shrinkage rate of heat shrink wrap:

POF Shrink consistently shrinks when exposed to heat, with a shrink rate of over 75%. This property ensures a tight fit to the packaged product, improving safety and presentation.

Production formats:

Versatile rolls:

Versatile use: single sheet rolls
Double-folded rolls
Tubular rolls
Flexible packaging:

Open pouches
Single open bags
Printing options:
POF: The shrink film POF can be customised with up to 8 colours, providing many options for branding and product information. This increases the visual appeal of the packaging and contributes to a memorable consumer experience.

Variable specifications:

Thickness from 10 to 50 microns
Widths available from 100 to 1500 millimetres
In conclusion, POF Shrink Film is a complete packaging solution that combines aesthetics, functionality and environmental awareness. Its ability to adapt to different product shapes and its compliance with safety regulations make it one of the preferred products for companies looking for reliable and attractive packaging for their products.


The advantages of utilizing POF shrink film in your company

  • It’s a flexible packing material. POF shrink films are suitable for a variety of items, such as beverages, food, electronics, and cosmetics.
  • The maker can alter the film’s thickness, width, and length to suit different brands and enterprises.
  • POF shrink films are incredibly transparent, making it simple for buyers to see the product within. This is a big selling point for companies that want to let their customers see the product before they buy it.
  • They resist rips, tears, and other damages because they are strong and resilient. It can successfully safeguard goods while they are being transported and stored.
  • It can be used to package goods in a variety of methods, particularly when sealed with heat to maintain the freshness and quality of the contents.
  • Shields goods from a variety of elements, including dust, moisture, and other impurities.
  • Lless expensive than alternative packaging materials, saving the company money.
  • For enterprises, POF shrink films are an incredibly useful packaging option. Due to its adaptable qualities, it can successfully safeguard the goods within, making a favorable impression on customers and influencing their choice to buy. Above all, as compared to other materials, it is an affordable investment that will surely yield significant benefits for your company.


Polyolefin (POF) Shrink Films

Shrink films made of polyolefin (POF) are designed to provide strong protection for a variety of products, including heavy goods and shaped goods. These films are renowned for their adaptability, which includes improved commercial appeal, superior product protection, and pack integrity preservation via thorough wrapping.


Unlocking packaging potential with POF shrink films

  • Superior POF shrink film with excellent gloss and clarity
  • Packaging option that is sustainable and composed entirely of recyclable materials.
  • Outstanding adaptability, durability, and affordability
  • For high-speed applications, cross-linked POF shrink film is a preferable option.
  • FDA-approved for use in food contact
  • Excellent seal and shrink integrity are delivered via a wide sealing window.
  • Strong rip resistance gives products a secure and long-lasting wrap.
  • Increased resistance to burnout
  • Suitable with every shrink wrapper
  • Because of its high tensile strength, it’s a great option for product bundling that won’t cause “dog ears.”
  • There are also POF shrink films that are pre-perforated; no more air pockets!
  • Capable of printing in high definition with up to eight colors


Why is Polyolefin (POF) Shrink film the industry standard in the packaging sector?

  • The main component of polyolefin (POF) shrink film is polyolefin resin, a synthetic polymer obtained from petrochemical sources.
  • LDPE and LLDPE are widely employed due to their superior flexibility and film-forming abilities.
  • The polyolefin resins utilized in POF shrink film possess a non-crystalline or amorphous structure. This indicates that the polymer chains are randomly organized, producing a flexible and translucent film.
  • The mixture of polyolefin resin and various additives are used to speed up the shrinking process. These additives consist of slide agents, processing aids, and heat stabilizers. To lessen moisture condensation, certain Polyolefin (POF) formulations additionally include anti-fog ingredients.
  • The ability of Polyolefin (POF) shrink film to contract when heated is one of its main characteristics. As a result, the film shrinks or contracts in the MD and TD, closely fitting the shaped product that is being packaged.
  • Known as the “shrink ratio,” the amount of shrinking can be managed while making the film. Diverse shrink ratios of polyolefin (POF) shrink films are offered to accommodate a range of packaging requirements.
  • Excellent sealing qualities are also possessed by Polyolefin (POF) shrink film, which enables robust, airtight seals that support the preservation of product freshness.


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